Unfortunately, due to the Covid pandemic the Latin Masses at Holy Name have been suspended.  However, plans for the future are well on their way.  

Please pray for those who lost their lives from this tragic event, and that God will allow them to hear the voices of angels singing in Heaven!

Holy Name of Jesus church, with its magnificent altar, designed by James Renwick, is a wonderful sanctuary with extraordinary acoustics, a beautiful space to be inspired by Gregorian Chant and the Church's treasure of liturgical music.  Several two and three part motets by the composer are sung at this Traditional Latin Mass.  

Come and experience what the great Roman Catholic Churches of Brooklyn have to offer!

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Upcoming Performances

DAS Works website is dedicated to the promotion and distribution of the music of David Adam Smith. Here, information about the composer, his music, as well as the purchase of CDs and printed music can be found.

It is, in addition, devoted to the restoration of Traditional Catholic church music such as Gregorian Chant, and the Church's many centuries of exordinary choral music.

Music depends on its past, its organic development, to inspire.  The original Latin, "inspirare" means to impart a truth or idea.  Without such a tradition music's ability to inspire is impoverished, and the culture of society becomes increasingly meaningless, and music ceases to be a window to the Divine.

Such is the responsibility and significance of Traditional Catholic church music and here, a humble attempt is made to contribute to that tradition.